Have an opinion? We want to hear it.
We want to learn about you and your farm.
We value your time and opinions.
We take pride in a job well done, just like you.

What is Rural Roots?

Rural Roots is a private organization that conducts market research related to farm and rural lifestyles. 

We give a voice to our study participants, while providing clients with insight about their customers, agriculture, and other related trends.  Rural Roots is a division of Quarry Integrated Communications, with clients including some of the biggest names in agriculture.  Some of our research methods include: interviews, focus groups, usability studies, and questionnaires.  We protect the confidentiality rights of both our clients and the farmers that we work with, and we take great pride in our research integrity.


What's in it for me?

Have you ever seen a product and thought "what were they thinking?" or "this would be so much better if..."?

Your participation helps make sure that new products and services actually reflect your needs, and the needs of other farmers and rural residents. We also respect that your time is valuable, and offer incentives for participation in each of our studies.


Our privacy policies

At Rural Roots, both integrity and trust are very important to us. 

  1. We promise to act honestly, ethically, fairly, respectfully, and lawfully in all of our dealings with study participants, clients, and the public.
  2. If you choose to participate in a study, we will protect your personal information. This means that our clients will never be able to use your responses to sell to you directly.
  3. We will make every effort to interpret your responses with accuracy. This ensures that we are true to our study participants and that our study findings are of high quality.
  4. In some studies, audio and/or visual recording tools are a great help for interpreting your participation with accuracy. It is our policy that we must have your permission to use any type of recording tools.
  5. Out of respect to both you and our clients, our research methods must be appropriate and reasonable for the research goals and participants.
  6. If at any time you decide that "this study is not for me," you can choose to withdraw.
  7. Just as we must protect the personal information of study participants; when requested, Rural Roots must protect our clients' anonymity as well.

Still have questions about Rural Roots?